Check out the newest work from interiors photographer Alex Hayden! Alex collaborated with the awesome team at Bosch to shoot images for their Spring/Summer ad campaign. We caught up with Alex and asked him for some inside scoop from the shoot:
"We shot in Los Angeles and the location was a friend of the agency (The Woo) in this great modern farmhouse style kitchen in this super cute little bungalow.   The kitchen has this huge and awesome island which we were trying to work into the picture, but it dictated the angles from which we could show the dishwasher, so that was challenging.  Also, the dishwasher was not actually installed, so to do the partially opened door we had to weigh it down inside with a sandbag. The stylist team, led by Yeva McCloskey, not only decorated the whole set and loaded the dishwasher, but also painted the blue bowls to that specific color because doing things in real life is often better than doing it in post."
We couldn't agree more--real is always better! Agency: The Woo Creative Director: Caroline DiGiulio Art Director: Lena Herve Producer: Trish Rigby Stylist: Yeva McCloskey