Welcome to the Den: Jennifer Davick!

We're excited to welcome to the Big Leo Den: Jennifer Davick, a food photographer and director based in San Francisco, New York and Chicago! You might be familiar with her work, but she has a new website that’s structured to feature her poetic approach to food and culinary lifestyle. Jennifer’s work - which often integrates both still and motion - reflects her rich and optimistic love of food.  She also possesses a keen sense of storytelling, and you’ll see how she threads her commercial and editorial images and videos with a strong narrative line.

© Jennifer Davick

Check out Jennifer’s site -- www.JenniferDavick.com -- and be sure to watch her motion work for clients such as Norwegian Cruise Lines and Publix Super Markets, one of the fastest-growing supermarket chains in the U.S.  For a quick (and entertaining) peek, watch her demo reel here: http://www.jenniferdavick.com/MOTION/1.

  Jennifer Davick Food Director - Demo Reel 2016 from Jennifer Davick on Vimeo.

A little more about Jennifer:

The world of media no longer fits within clearly defined content platforms. Today, a story must migrate among print, still, sound and motion. Jennifer embraces this hybrid world of storytelling as a food photographer + director. Her images and films elevate the natural beauty of food and reflect the philosophy that food is the key to health, community and living a good life. She thrives when storytelling, collaborating and building campaigns that integrate both still and motion. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and works regularly in New York, Chicago and LA. Jennifer and her team serve brands such as McDonald's, Bon Appetit, Norwegian Cruise Line, US Dairy Export Council, Delta Air Lines, Whole Foods, Southern Living, Rizzoli, Coastal Living, Publix Super Markets, Chronicle Books and Better Homes & Gardens.