How to Plate Your Meals Like a Food Stylist

Food Stylist Cynthia Groseclose is currently being featured in an article on†Shape Magazine's site†that teaches us how to style our food like a food stylist. And since Cynthia is an amazing food stylist AND has a visually stunning Instagram account, it's a no-brainer†that Shape asked her for some tips. In the article, Cynthia talks about the importance of lighting. Just because you're taking the photo on your phone, doesn't mean†your image should look like it.

Cynthia says, "If itís too dark, [the picture] doesnít do the food justice. Anytime Iím shooting I want to have a good light source; Iíll stand next to a window to get the warm or cool tones they cast." Read the full article for more tips from Cynthia†here!

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