The Art of Setting the Table

Brilliant food stylist and tastemaker, Mariana Velasquez, was recently featured in Saveur Magazine. She was interviewed as part of a larger story titled, The Art of Setting the Table. Mariana is not only an expert when it comes to cooking delicious food, but she also has an immense talent for table setting and design. Saveur asked Mariana about her philosophy on dining and entertaining, and she spoke about the importance of creating a unique and interactive dining experience. Below you'll find the exquisite image used in the story, and well as some of Mariana's thoughts on entertaining. Click the link here for the full article.

© Mariana Velasquez

'“I adore the coral pink color and delicacy of these pieces,” food and prop stylist Mariana Velasquez says of the dishware in the photo., which were from a retired German diplomat who had spent time in Japan. Velasquez was inspired by the petite silhouettes, and snapped a photo of her composition. “I found the dusty silk flower behind by the window sill, and I added it in.” She often includes several small bowls like these on the table while entertaining at home, so guests can serve themselves extra sauce or sprinkle salt. “I like for people to interact at the table. I put several little bowls with dressings and seasonings around,” she says, “the movement and interaction takes away the stiffness.”'