A New Project from Barb Schmidt

We can't speak highly enough about Prop Stylist and Set Designer Barb Schmidt and her Studio B team. Barb is a true talent and skilled designer. Her newest project (which you can view below), is a real testament to her immense skill and eye for design. Barb worked with Studio B stylist Claire Neviaser on this fashion editorial shoot for The Pioneer Press newspaper. The story was shot in a decrepit building from 1904, which at one time was a hardware store. The building was on the verge of demolition, but Barb, Claire, and photographer Joel Larson executed this beautiful story just in time. The team used the existing walls of different rooms as backdrops, bringing in props and set pieces which complemented the vintage aesthetic. Take a look at a sampling of the gorgeous images below.

042015_BarbsTest_TalentDelano-669 042015_BarbsTest_TalentDelano-629 042015_BarbsTest_TalentDelano-551 042015_BarbsTest_TalentDelano-491 042015_BarbsTest_TalentDelano-295 042015_BarbsTest_Delano-175 042015_BarbsTest_Delano-143 042015_BarbsTest_Delano-125 042015_BarbsTest_Delano-086 042015_BarbsTest_Delano-071 042015_BarbsTest_Delano-054 042015_BarbsTest_Delano-043 PioneerPress_sundayfashionspread