Breakfast Recipes to Wake Up For

We're thrilled to announce the release of this gorgeous new recipe book BREAKFAST: Recipes to Wake Up For, which was food styled by the incredibly talented Heather Meldrom!

Drawing on his passion for "making the most of the morning" and on his Southern roots, George Weld has been creating fresh, satisfying dishes at his beloved Williamsburg restaurant, Egg for the past ten years. Now, in BREAKFAST: Recipes to Wake Up For, Weld and Chef Evan Hanczor present a delicious ode to morning foods, featuring eggs, biscuits, meats, and panacakes you'll want to start every day with. Bringing beauty and enthusiasm to the morning meal, BREAKFAST begins with simple techniques that transform familiar ingredients into transcendent meals. Starting the book off is a pantry section gives readers all the ingredients they'll need to have on hand for whipping up delicious morning meals. Photography by Bryan Gardner.

Heather did a wonderful job styling each recipe and had an great time working on set. And lucky for us, she's shared some behind the scenes stories:

"The shoots were long days but fun! We shot almost everything up at Geroge Weld's house and Goatfell Farm up in Oak Hill, NY. George and Bryan Gardner are both from South Carolina and I'm from Texas, so we as a team were super excited to be shooting the fluffy biscuits and classic comforting southern breakfast foods and other dishes that we had all grown up with. George can wax poetic about a country ham for hours.
One of the neighbor's chickens wandered over one day and I started feeding her some of the cornbread that we had made and shot for the book. Apparently cornbread was a game changer for her because we couldn't get rid of her after that. She showed up every day for the rest of the shoot. We always had the door open for light and a cross breeze so she'd just waltz right into the house looking for more cornbread. I guess a little cornbread is a fair trade for her modeling work on the back cover.
Our theme song for this entire project was Islands in the Stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. There were days where we would listen to it on repeat for hours! At one point I think we kept a tally."

You can purchase the book here:

The cover recipe was feature in this breakfast story on Self Magazine's website, which you can check out here!

We're buying our copy RIGHT NOW!

Prop Styling by Heather Meldrom