Shooting Slaughter

Modern Farmer just published a great interview with photographer Sheri Giblin. It's all about her experience shooting a personal series on slaughter. Most of us are so removed from knowledge of how the sausage is made that it's both jarring and strangely fascinating to see that act brought to life in these rich images. an omnivore I felt it was my responsibility to witness where my food came from, not just the pretty package in the store. And as a photographer, I was compelled to photograph that experience. Ive seen chicken slaughtered, and my dad was a deer hunter, but Id never seen a mammal slaughtered. So I had that idea in my head that I really wanted to experience it and photograph it.
See the rest of the images and read more about the experience over at Modern Farmer- and on Sheri's blog! Sheri Giblin Sheri Giblin Sheri Giblin