This week we're proud to feature the latest project from stylists Molly Fitzsimons and Mariana Velasquez. Together they teamed up with photographer Tara Donne to shoot a beautiful story on location in Cornwall, CT.  Sometimes you don't get to do the stories you want, so you have to assign it to yourself!  Molly found the location and had been planning it for a while:
The place is pure magic. An old farm house on a dirt road with barns and a painting studio, woods and fields, a stone wall, a fresh water stream. The first time I saw it I knew I needed to do a shoot there. I asked Tara and Mariana if they wanted to collaborate on a story, knowing they would each bring their extreme talents, plus a relaxed and  natural sensibility fitting to the setting. Mariana created the amazing menu. We invited some friends up, and made it a party.
Mariana put together all the recipes:
Shooting in Cornwall was so fun!  I created the recipes inspired by the farmers market colors and peak ingredients. My original plan was to make a three-tier chocolate meringue pavlova but the oven was too hot and it killed my meringue... So for dinner on Friday night we had berries with fallen meringue and cream. Saturday I whipped up an almond cocoa torte and made my layered cake... Apricots, pistachios, orange blossom water and mascarpone for the filling. The kitchen had a dreamy light and lots of windows; behind the stove there was a Julia Child like peg board with pots and pans that told stories of many summers of amazing food.  Also I found these 1940's Japanese coffee cups that I had also recently seen in Cartagena at the home of a book author I shot recently -- the exact same ones. Talk about connection of objects and generations!  We had wine by the fire and I made these little appetizer plates for everyone before dinner.  This is how every shoot should be!
It was such a creative collaboration and the images really speak to the team's collective talent.  Always a joy to see what they'll cook up next! Molly Fitzsimons and Mariana Velasquez Molly Fitzsimons and Mariana Velasquez Molly Fitzsimons and Mariana Velasquez Molly Fitzsimons and Mariana Velasquez Molly Fitzsimons and Mariana Velasquez