Hidden Treasures

Sarah Cave developed and styled this eggs-celent story for Rachael Ray, along with art director Jess Weit�and editor�Allyson Dickman, and photographed by Burcu Avsar. �It's a really cool idea to take the camouflage to the next level, and even sharp-eyed kids won't find it easy to spot these beauties. �We asked Sarah about her process and she had this to say:
The editors asked me to come up with ideas for camouflage eggs - indoors as well as outdoors. I loved the idea of making it genuinely challenging to find some of the eggs- �even slightly older kids would really get a kick out of both the creating and the hiding and finding part if you made it more tricky. As far as camouflage, I just explored different areas of�trompe l'oeil,�and above all tried to keep it humourous!