How to Become a Prop Stylist - Sarah Cave

Following up on yesterday's post about Emily Henderson's paths to being a stylist - Sarah Cave is a perfect example: she was in house at Martha Stewart before going freelance.  She's come a long way since then, just recently styling this campaign for Four Seasons, shot by Penny de los Santos and food styled by Martha alum Susan Spungen.  We spoke to her a little about the transition.
"Working at Martha, it was like a training ground for photography styling.  There is such a wealth of knowledge there, being exposed to the people who have so much of a history and knowledge of styling.  It was almost like an art school where you could learn a lot from the professors.  I learned how to be a prop stylist.  The best way to do that was to really channel your teachers until you find that thing that is different about your own personal style. At the same time, focusing so much on that Martha brand, for a while it was hard to find my voice.  Going freelance, it's come a long way - I learned the tradecraft at Martha but found my personal vision through working in the freelance world."
Sarah has really spread her wings since joining Big Leo - but I remember when she first called us.  Her experience at the magazine was an instant sell for us - it signified that she had what it took.  And here she is working on a major campaign, with her own voice and own distinct way of styling.  Textbook success!