How to Become a Prop Stylist

We've had this one bookmarked for a little while - Secrets from a Stylist host Emily Henderson's handy-dandy how-to guide on becoming a prop stylist.  It's a fantastic post and spot on when it comes to detailing the different avenues one can take.  Big Leo alum Cindy DiPrima hired Emily as an assistant way back when and she was always dropping off receipts at our office.  In fact she was the one who told us to check out Scott Horne (who also started out assisting Cindy).  I think we still owe her a kickback.

Of the 3 possible paths to styling that she listed, we're very familiar with option #1: get a job at Martha Stewart.  Besides my own career path from MSL photo editor to agent, so many of Big Leo's stylist started out at Martha: Molly Fitzsimons, Sarah Cave, Ed Gallagher, and many more before them.  We thought it would be fun to feature them this week - to get a sense of how they made the transition from the corporation to freelance, and how it affected their own personal style.