Kids of Kathmandu

Previously, we talked a little about Brian Pineda's travels abroad.  One big part of his trip: the charity work he does for the humanitarian organization Kids of Katmandu.

Kids of Kathmandu is a non-profit organization that utilizes photography and the arts to raise awareness about the needs of orphans in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our goal is to raise funds in order to provide a stable financial foundation for the children from which they can grow through funding for education, food, shelter, and immunizations. With these very basic needs covered, our aim is to provide a sense of safety and encouragement for the children so that they can fully realize their potential in the rapidly changing environment of Nepal.

It is really a beautiful project not just because of how it helps these kids, but also because of how it lets artists donate what they can.  And when you can't donate money, giving your time and your art to the cause can be just as effective.  Brian loved working with the organization - it was such a joy for him to visit the orphanages with his camera - you can see more images here on his site.