Friendly witch and Halloween aficionado Molly Fitzsimons created these creepy crafts for Michael's and Martha Stewart.  We all know how much Martha loves Halloween, but this year unfortunately there were a lot more tricks than treats at the company.  As an alumni myself (Molly, too),  the one thing I would like to say is that MSLO is so chock full of the most creative people, who all eventually go on to do the most amazing things.  Most of the stylists at our agency either worked their or assisted stylists who worked there. Most of the photographers got their start assisting Martha photographers.  We all orbit around that (Leo) star in some way or another.

On one hand it is hard to face the realities of a changing publishing environment, but we here at Big Leo truly believe that the creative work is the most important thing, and while a lot of people are leaving, I know for certain that they exit with the skills to make the next big leap - one that will help shape the future of this industry!  It is scary to face that kind of change, but this agency is living proof that there is life after Martha, and that it can be a good one.  We're thankful for the company and how it helped shape us, we still love to read the magazine and more than ever, we're hopeful for the future.

And oh yeah, if anyone out there is reading this that just left Martha, call us!  We're here to help!