Get to Know: Hilary Robertson

Stylist and author Hilary Robertson just can't seem to get away from beautiful objects.  Most people work hard to search for something special, but Hilary, those singular items just come to her, like she has a magnet for beauty.  In addition to commercial styling, Hilary works as a buyer for Canvas and Ochre; you would think she has enough to look for, but no - just recently she opened her own store in Fort Greene.  Aptly called Mrs. Robertson, it is full of vintage and antique finds for the home - and more items arrive every day! Do you remember your first big shoot that you styled on your own?  Tell me a little about it... The first really big job that I shot was for a fabric company and I produced, art directed and styled it myself. It was a new launch for a big British fabric company and we shot on location in different parts of the country. I had pieces of bespoke furniture made and upsholstered. The client gave me loads of freedom so it was great fun and very satisfying to do. A dream job, really. Do you have any secret shops that you can always rely on for that perfect gift?  When you go - what do you buy for yourself? Secret shops- I prefer flea markets or antique malls upstate.  But in the city I always go to Love Adored as it is so well merchandised and great for gifts. I am obsessed with interesting scents so for myself I would go for a candle from Astier de Villatte, Cire Trudon or Santa Maria Novella. If I had the budget I would buy from De Vera; he has interesting and original taste. In Paris, I would go to Caravane or Merci for inspiration: In London, I would go to Lillie Road where there are loads of good antique stores. What photographer (past or present) do you really admire, someone that always has a great sense of their set and truly does justice to the stylist? Ellen Von Unwerth- I'm not a fashion stylist but I love her style.