Get to Know: Jorg Meyer

Jörg Meyer brings a big heart to his work, quick to laugh and always looking ahead to the next composition.  That kind of energy just pulls the whole team along and the results are always kinetic.  When you're working with people, especially children, you have to have to always be one step ahead, and Jörg is always on it. Do you remember your first big shoot on your own?  Tell me a little about how you were feeling... My first big job was creating portraits for Fidelity Investment. They were used for big, big banners. We photographed the whole series with a Sinar 4x5 Camera and sheet film. It was very elevating to be in charge of a big team, communicating with the Creative Director and client. At the same time there was a lot of anxiety till you saw the final film.  I think it is interesting how many photographers are nostalgic about the idea of shooting with film, while all the people on the creative team are so happy to see image the instant they are shot.  It was such a big shift in the whole creative process. What is your idea of a dream vacation?  And is there a camera involved? Going to a remote part of the Caribbean with my kids and wife and snorkeling all day long. The camera will come along to document the fun. One of my girls might use the camera more than I will.  It is always hard to put the camera down but when I do, it can be liberating.  Like going barefoot outside after being in the city for months. If you could photograph any one object, person or event - what would it be?  and what would be your gear setup? Collaborating with UNICEF and photographing and creating a campaign to highlight the danger and hunger children still face in our world. If possible I will bring my Pentax 6x7 film camera. For me that camera is still one of the most beautiful cameras to create portraits and I try to use it whenever possible.  Clients prefer digital but when I shoot for myself it is nice to do it in a more methodical way, and film really forces you to do that.  If I could shoot like that for a client like UNICEF, that would be my dream.