Get to Know: Sheri Giblin

Sheri Giblin has always followed her passions - after a series of road trips with too many stories to tell, and even more photos to share, she was hooked on photography.  She dove right in and has been shooting nonstop for the last 12 years, including over 20 cookbooks that have won multiple awards, including a James Beard and IACP award.  You can always find her out on the town with a zest for life, something that always is apparent in her work.

Do you remember your first big shoot on your own?  Tell me a little about how you were feeling...

My first big shoot on my own was a massage book for The Body Shop.  I was super excited to have landed a project like this for such a cool company.  But "massage" proved to be a bit more challenging that I had anticipated - think naked bodies, skin tones, etc.  At one point the lab (yes, this book was shot back in the days of film) asked if I was now shooting "porn".  It was rumored that a couple of the models hooked-up after the shoot one day, but I have no real proof.  What I can tell you is that once the book wrapped, I focused back on my food portfolio!  Wow! and it looks like you can still buy a copy of "massage" online! (yep that's my photo there!)

What is your idea of a dream vacation?  And is there a camera involved?

My dream vacation always includes warm weather and water of some kind.  And there is always a camera involved!  Sheese, is this a trick question?!  (ed. note - yes, and you got it wrong!  just kidding.)

If you could photograph any one object, person or event - what would it be?  and what would be your gear setup?

There's no one object, person or event I really want to photograph.  Right now I'd really like to photograph West Africa - Senegal & Mali.  I can't tell you exactly why,  it's just a place in the world that I am drawn to.  I don't know what it would take to shoot there - probably a really light setup!