Get to Know: Molly FitzSimons

Molly Fitzsimons has the most amazing feel for styling and props - she has so much experience in this competitive industry but is still the nicest, most-down-to-earth person to have on set.  Calming and focused, she keeps the shoot running like a well-oiled machine. Do you remember your first big shoot that you styled on your own? Tell me a little about it... The first big print shoot I did was a Good Things shoot for Martha Stewart Living which involved about a dozen completely different scenarios shot on location in two days. And it was holiday-themed! Trees! Garlands! Citrus decorated with cloves! It was trial by fire. For some reason they always chose to assign these complex shoots to the new kid on the block. It became clear very quickly that I was not then qualified to gift wrap a box fit for Martha's pages, but I have since mastered the art. Do you have any secret shops that you can always rely on for that perfect gift? When you go - what do you buy for yourself? Lately all of my gifts come from Noble Goods, my husband's line of wood and resin tabletop goods and jewelry.  Shameless, I know. But it's true! We are updating the website now with an online shop.  Everything is completely handmade and he also does custom commissions.  There are some really great pieces that I've used for shoots - one of a kind items.  So beautiful. What photographer (past or present) do you really admire, someone that always has a great sense of their set and truly does justice to the stylist? I recently saw Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom and nearly wept at the sets and props. It almost made me want to go back to doing sets for movies. If anyone would like to do a test (or an ad campaign) based on the look of this movie, I'm in!