Less Traveled

Brian Pineda lit out for the territories last year and is still unpacking all the photos he took.  Here again are several images from his trip to Sri Lanka, this time printed in Afar magazine.  It's always easy to find the easy picture, especially in a place that is full of so many amazing new things.  But Brian always pushes further.  For the pictures below, a friendly old man invited him to stay with his family for a few days.

"Next morning, I took a small locals bus to “I have no idea where I’m going” and eventaully found my way to a small town waiting under a street lamp and waited as instructed. As luck would have it Wije found me 20 mins later and took me to meet his family. But before that we jumped in a tuk tuk (3 wheeled motorcycle/go kart) and took a 5 hour detour to show me around this part of Sri Lanka."

Read the rest of the story on Brian's blog. To truly experience a place you have to go deeper and take a leap of faith.  Don't just take the easy picture - take the road less traveled.