The Big Edit

James Worrell has a fantastic post about portfolio editing over on his blog 'Less is More.' "YES, I still have a printed portfolio.  All technology has done for me is allowed me to adapt my portfolio to more platforms, i.e. web, iPad, etc.  I used to have 12 printed portfolios, now I use less than half that.  A magazine hasn't called in a "book" in over three years now, but agencies sometimes still want them.  And my agent, Big Leo, takes them to portfolio meetings where having a tangible thing to touch still has value.  And to be honest, printed portfolios are really nice when done well." This echoes what we believe about portfolios - in this day of electronic everything, a printed portfolio is what sets you apart as an artist.  Anything can look decent enough on a screen, but when an image is printed large on paper and you can feel and see it in your hands, there is no cheating.  Even the tiniest defects become magnified.  And it goes the other way - when an image is top notch and printed well, it shines.  It really lets the client see directly into the photographer's eye and how they would render a new project.  A nice web site lets you get in touch with new clients, but a great portfolio will always close the deal. Be sure to read more on James's site about his process - he has been printing a long time and has great insights.  While it may seem daunting to edit and produce, there is nothing more important than landing a rock solid portfolio on the desk of a creative.