Prevention is the best medicine

Mariana Velasquez styled this beautiful spread for Prevention magazine, shot by the sharp-eyed Kana Okada.  The article talks specifically about diabetes and a healthy diet you can follow to prevent it's onset - but I feel like that kind of mindfulness applies to pretty much any kind of malady.  Food is fuel for our body, and we eat several times a day, so it follows that eating well makes a cumulative difference over the course of our lives. Mariana really specializes in this kind of cooking with fresh ingredients - you can see more over at her new site, featuring images from the cookbook she wrote - 'Frutas.'  The book collects recipes from all over Central and South America, using fruits that most of us have never heard of.  In an age of increasing monoculture, it is a rare treat to see just how many different kinds of delicacies there are out there.  Be sure to check it out!