Brian Maranan Pineda

Big Leo would like to give a warm welcome to young gun Brian Maranan Pineda.  He brings a great sense of style and light to the Den and we're happy to have him join the pride!

Recently Brian shot a Siemens campaign with Ogilvy + Mather, led by creative director Jeff Leaf and art buyer Jessica Fiore.  Brian was awarded the shoot because the client was drawn to his personal work.  We've always been so supportive of artists who strive to develop a signature style outside of their normal client base, not just because it pushes them on a technical level, but also because it really helps define who they are as an artist and person.  The work stands out, and clients call to collaborate instead of calling to put your name on a list of other people bidding.  There are so many reasons to pursue personal work and Brian sets a great example. It is so exciting to work with him and keep an eye out for more new projects coming down the line!  In the meantime check out Brian's blog for a behind-the-scenes look at how the campaign came together.