Too Many Celebrities in the Kitchen

Paula Deen, Carla HallTom Colicchio and the Neely's are all crowded into a small kitchen trying to make Thanksgiving dinner for their friends at Redbook Magazine.  It is hot, busy and everyone is pushing and shoving to get more time in front of Hector Sanchez's camera.  That's when it happens.  Someone used the last stick of butter, and someone else turned down the oven temp before the turkey was done, and with tensions running high, Paula dumps an entire bag of bread crumbs on Carla's head.  From there it devolves into an all star food fight.  We would post the pictures that Hector shot of the melee, but that depends on how much ransom we can get from the involved parties' PR firms.  (If this sounds anything like your family Thanksgiving, we're right there with ya.  Happy turkey day!)