Flying Spiders

The best part of Halloween (besides the extreme sugar high) has to be the creepy crafts.  It is always great to get in touch with your dark side, even if you keep it lighthearted.  Molly Fitzsimons styled these images for Martha Stewart and Michael's - here is what she had to say about the holiday:

I've always had a special affection for Halloween, and I love styling for it. It's especially fun to do play with the color palette and style, so you can still have an elegant, sophisticated look with just an edge of spooky. Since my birthday is in October I usually had Halloween-themed birthday parties when I was a kid. Costumes, pumpkins, leaf piles, apple-bobbing, etc. My best costume was a Master Charge credit card. I copied the graphics directly from my mother's card, including the number. She was not amused. This year Arlo will be a chicken for Halloween, continuing a family tradition of baby Halloween chickens.