Qream with an

{and an "M" and an "E"}! Photographer Hector Sanchez shot the deliciously dessert-like QREAM {with Q} liqueur this past spring and until it launched a couple of months later, mum was the word. Now that music producer and entrepreneur Pharrell's strawberry and peach flavored beverages have officially taken the market by storm, the word is YUM.

Scrumptiously food styled by Mariana Velasquez and elegantly propped by Ed Gallagher, this veteran Big Leo trio created a look and feel of decadence in keeping with Pharrell's desire to celebrate the independent and sophisticated modern day woman.

You don't have to go further than Qream's online recipe diary to unlock the potential of this delicately creamy drink. Enjoy finding out which flavor is your favorite!!

A major shout out goes to Yvette Ho, owner of Manhattan's Panade, who developed the delicious dessert recipes and to creative director Mimi Valdes for a shoot full of unprecedented fun!