With Mom in the Kitchen

This Sunday, celebrate the matriarch in your life by cooking up a taste of the old days.  If I had to choose one of my mom's dishes it definitely be the 1929 chocolate cake recipe that was passed down to us from grandparents - but of course I always butcher the fudge icing because it is so fickle and can turn rock solid in an instant.  We may just stick to pancakes this year. Food stylists Carrie Purcell and Mariana Velasquez each worked with the masterful Hugh Stewart for the May issue of InStyle magazine. Carrie cooked up Ooey Gooey bars for Neil Patrick Harris.  Since she made such huge batch, she sent him home with a bag of extras (mostly the edges, since those are his favorite). Mariana said that after her shoot was finished, Blair Underwood, his mom, and the rest of their family all sat down to eat the casserole that she prepared. They told her: "It was so good you just put your foot in it."  That's as good as it gets!