Damask Don't Tell

For the February 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living, Scott Horne teamed up with head of the home department Rebecca Robertson to create this story on Damask.  Photos like this make the whole process seem easy, but behind the images is a big secret: lots of research and development. Damask is derived from the word Damascus, where the fabric originated in the early Middle Ages.  With such a long and storied history it has to be done well, in order to look modern and seamless with the set they created.  Sourcing all the items, covering the chairs, painting the dresser, everything done with a palette and single concept in mind - Scott brought it all together and the result is what you would expect from 2 weeks or work condensed into just a few dramatic photographs by Stockholm-based Pia Ulin.  Then again, its no secret that Scott is a visual master.