Paul Lowe

Portfolios: Prop Styling & Story Development -  Food Styling & Recipe Development -  Sweet Paul Magazine
Paul Lowe develops crafts and recipes for editorial and commercial projects, and has published 22 cookbooks in 12 languages.  New recipes and inspiration can be found several times a week on his Sweet Paul blog, all shot by top photographers in the industry. After bringing his signature Oslo style to clients as diverse as Delta, Grey Goose, Domino, Country Living, Whole Foods, Rachael Ray and Real Simple, he launched Sweet Paul Magazine in 2010 as an outlet for his ideas and a showcase for the amazing artists that collaborate with him on a daily basis.   Partial photographer list: Anna Williams, Andrew Purcell, Tara Donne, Jonny Valiant, Frances Janisch, Levi Brown, Gemma Comas, Colin Cooke, Paul Costello, Miki Duisterhof, Phillip Friedman, Steve Giralt, Susan Goldman, Brian Hagiwara, Michelle Holden, Ditte Isager, Frances Janisch, Yunhee Kim, Marcus Nilsson, Kana Okada, David Prince, Charles Schiller, Kate Sears, Ellen Silverman, Shimon & Tammar, Studio Dreyer & Hensley, Wendell Webber, Dasha Wright, Peter Zander, Hector Sanchez, Ted Morisson, Philip Ficks, Tara Donne, William Geddes, Jeff Harris, Burcu Avsar