A Summer Big Leo Trio

The onset of summer always brings with it thoughts of half-day fridays (if you're lucky), vacations (also if you're lucky), ocean breezes, flip flops, sweet iced tea, frozen fruity drinks and of course ICE CREAM (cue Mr. Softee jingle here)!  It also happens to be our signature season over here at Big Leo.  Inspired and armed with fresh blueberries, kiwi, peppermint, coffee beans, buttermilk, pistachios  and more, food stylist Carrie Purcell made delicious ice cream treats that had us excitedly anticipating the very first 80+ degree day in the city.    Photographed by Hector Sanchez, prop styled by Pamela Duncan Silver, and sampled of course by yours truly, the images are a perfect treat frozen in time.  Just don't look for too long or you might get brain freeze. Since this story was shot there have been several 80+ degree days in the city - we look forward to what inspires the next Big Leo Trio!