Piscean Qualities

Shall we take a dip into the Piscean qualities of Big Leo's own Mariana Velasquez on her birthday?  Get it? Dip in the piscine?  Nevermind. From Astrology Online:  "Even when they cannot express themselves creatively they have a greater than average instinct for, and love of, beauty in art and nature, a catlike appreciation of luxury and pleasure, and a yearning for new sensations and travel to remote, exotic places." You don't need to travel far - just a quick trip to Mariana's site will open up a new world of tastes from all over South America and beyond. These are from a recent shoot with Big Leo fave Judd Pilossof.  Perfect for an early spring weekend in the sun!  But don't drink too much, as Pisces governs the liver. This tangerine salad is an ode to citrus, pretty much the only good thing about the depths of this past winter.  Tangerines really embody Pisces - they represent the bright and fresh taste of a tropical place, they take you out of the cold. Farewell winter, don't let the door hit you on the way out.