Coupons - the Next Generation

No matter what kind of economy we are living in - there is always the push to get a good deal.  Capitalism is about profit, and profit is this thing that exists on top of real value.  If you can find a way to peel back the layers of profit, you're going pay much less for something, whether it is a toothbrush, a microwave, or a new car.  Enter coupons. 4 As a kid, my mom had me take scissors to the newspaper in order to get good deals - but it was always strange to buy something unfamiliar simply because it was being offered at a lower price.  Much later I realized the power of getting sold on a brand - something that transcended value in the long run.  Because in the long run, that brand isn't always going to be on sale.  And the ultimate in brand management is Proctor & Gamble. 6 P&G has a long and storied history of products, from Ivory to Crisco, to Tide and Crest.  That those 100-year old names are still household really highlights the value of marketing.  There is an implied promise that brand will continue to deliver quality - and therein lies the importance of the creative team in sustaining that message through different mediums. 7 Scott Horne teamed up with photography + design team THUSSFARRELL, along with 2D Photo Productions, to create the images for this book - it is light years ahead of the newsprint coupons of old.  Instead of screaming 'cheap!' it gives shoppers a discount while reinforcing the notion of quality through great photography.  Sure, you may take a pair of scissors to the pages, but the brand equity is something that lasts long after all the coupons have been cashed at the checkout.  Its a win-win.