Duchamp's magazine?

ReadyMade is a bimonthly magazine that focuses on DIY projects - the term 'readymade' comes from Marcel Duchamp and refers to an ordinary object that is slightly modified in order to be called 'art.'  The most well-known example of this is the men's urinal he signed with 'R. Mutt' and titled 'Fountain.'  I'm a huge fan because he was one of those rare people who made intelligent art with a great sense of humor. The magazine sticks to that 'found object' aesthetic - normally that look is by design rough around the edges, but this month there is a beautiful feature shot by Martyn Thompson that shows the aesthetic can be tastefully done.  Scott Horne also styled this story shot by Laura Moss: sh_readymade001 What once scandalized the art community is now $5 at your local newsstand.  Duchamp would laugh.