Mother's Day with Le Creuset

Cynthia Groseclose developed and styled this fun campaign for Le Creuset, shot by the lovable Squire Fox.  The focus of the images is the new tea and coffee collection, so Cynthia went for a modern feel with a casual afternoon party.  The best part is that she was able to take it from concept to shoot to finished photos - being able to carry it from start to finish really showed off Cynthia's skills:

"This client is so much fun because we get to really be creative - they trust us to take it in a beautiful direction.  I made a story board and worked with the team to find the right location and the right props. I also developed a tea "mocktail" recipe for them too - green tea with lemon, ginger and mint.  We were so happy with the way it turned out - almost editorial in a sense.  I love that it helps you see the beautiful products in a real-life context."

Cynthia Groseclose Cynthia Groseclose Cynthia Groseclose